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North Point Shopping Centre


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FI Real Estate are one of the UK’s most established names in commercial property and asset management.

Over the years, FI Real Estate has managed more than 15m sq ft of commercial and industrial real estate. With just over four decades of experience and extensive knowledge, they appreciate the true value of property.

What We’ve Done

PWF Studio partnered with FI Real Estate to redefine the visual landscape of a shopping centre through a dynamic advertising campaign.

The project featured strategically placed advertisement boards and window vinyl graphics showcasing available unit spaces, seamlessly integrating with FI Real Estate’s brand. PWF Studio’s innovative approach not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also effectively communicated the commercial offerings, creating a compelling and immersive experience for visitors and potential tenants.

North Point Shopping Centre window graphics showcasing a unit for rent. A passer-by walks past in blurred motion.

Incorporating The Heartbeat Of Hull

At the heart of PWF Studio’s collaboration with FI Real Estate lies a meticulously crafted visual narrative that goes beyond mere aesthetics – a narrative enriched by stylised illustrations capturing the essence of Hull’s distinctive architecture. Serving as the backbone of the entire design, these bespoke illustrations were not just graphics; they were a celebration of Hull’s unique identity and a strategic choice to resonate with the local community.

A collage of illustrations and Hull landmarks showing the resemblance between the two different medias.

A Stylish Architectural Twist

PWF Studio delved into the rich tapestry of Hull’s architectural heritage, meticulously studying its landmarks, historic structures, and iconic features. Armed with this profound understanding, our design team embarked on the creative journey of translating these elements into stylised visual representations. Each line, curve, and detail was thoughtfully considered, ensuring that the illustrations seamlessly blended artistic expression with the recognisable features of Hull’s architecture.

The stylised illustrations became more than just design elements – they became storytellers. The distinctive shapes of Hull’s buildings, the play of light and shadow, and the intricate details were woven together to evoke a sense of place and community. This deliberate choice not only contributed to the visual appeal of the advertisement boards and window vinyl graphics but also established a meaningful connection between the commercial space and its local context.

North Point Shopping Centre window graphics showcasing a unit for rent. The Graphic reads 'A Window of Opportunity'
North Point Shopping Centre window graphics showcasing a unit for rent. A female passer-by takes a look at the graphic.
North Point Shopping Centre window graphics showcasing two side by side units for rent.
North Point Shopping Centre external vibrant window graphics showcasing a unit for rent.

Sneak Peek Chic

What set this campaign apart was the strategic integration of a peephole, transforming static visuals into an interactive experience. Passersby were invited to engage with the artwork by peering through the hole, offering a sneak peek into the interior spaces of the shopping centre units.

The inclusion of an interactive peephole heightened the impact of the campaign, transforming it into a memorable and engaging experience. This innovative touch seamlessly integrated design, local identity, and creativity, making it more appealing to potential business owners interested in moving into the space.

North Point Shopping Centre window graphics showcasing the sneak peak element of the design. This allowed interested passes-by to take a look into the internals of the unit.
North Point Shopping Centre external window graphics showcasing a unit for rent.

Flirty Lines, Fresh Vibes

To infuse a sense of freshness and excitement into the campaign, PWF Studio employed a strategic approach to headline creation. Recognising the need to captivate the audience and appeal to potential business owners, the design team crafted multiple header titles using colloquial and flirty language. Phrases like ‘Caught you looking’ and ‘You’d look great here’ were carefully chosen to not only grab attention but also create an inviting and approachable atmosphere, putting individuals at ease as they engaged with the visuals.

North Point Shopping Centre external window graphics showcasing a unit for rent. A passer-by with a baby walks past the shot in blur.

A Data-Driven Campaign

The use of colloquial language added a touch of personality to the campaign, making it more relatable and resonant with the target audience. These playful and flirtatious headlines served as conversation starters, encouraging a positive and interactive connection between the potential tenants and the commercial spaces being showcased.

Each unit graphic featured a unique QR code, allowing us to monitor and analyse engagement in real-time. This innovative addition not only facilitated a seamless transition between the physical and digital realms but also empowered us to track precisely which units were capturing attention. By leveraging the QR codes, we gained valuable insights into the effectiveness of the campaign, discerning which aspects resonated most with the audience. This data-driven approach provided a comprehensive understanding of the campaign’s impact, ensuring its continued success and relevance in the dynamic landscape of marketing.

Each graphic featured a unifying element — the hashtag #SHOPORTUNITY. This not only helped bring a cohesive thread throughout the campaign but also added an extra social dimension. By incorporating a hashtag, the campaign extended its reach beyond traditional advertising, encouraging individuals to share their experiences and perspectives on social media. This not only fostered community engagement but also turned the campaign into a shared conversation, amplifying its impact in the digital space.

A mock-up of three Instagram posts showing the designs PWF Studio created for FI-Real Estate social channels.
North Point Shopping Centre window graphics showcasing a unit for rent.

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