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Serena Organics


A science + wellbeing company. Serena Organics bring forth the new gold standard of CBD, with rigorous testing and independent analysis for all products. Using only the best extraction techniques to produce the purest CBD from organically grown hemp, as well as providing the highest strength available in the market (40%).

What We’ve Done

Serena Organics, a London-based luxury CBD brand, wanted to establish their name in the market with an impressive brand identity that would reflect their commitment to quality, purity and elegance. To achieve this, they turned to us. PWF Studio not only created an entire brand for Serena Organics but also designed a collection of social assets, website, exhibition stand, packaging and other elements that elevated the brand to new heights.

A desktop screen showing the new website design of Serena Organics

PWF Studio Transforms the Presence of London’s Leading Luxury CBD BRAND

We began by understanding what Serena Organics stood for and what type of clients they aimed to reach. After several consultations, we developed a brand that was elegant, modern and sophisticated. Each design decision was carefully crafted with the brand’s values, target demographic and long-term goals in mind.

The finalised packaging design of the tincture, sitting alongside pastries and coffee

Luxury packaging showcasing the brand

The packaging was created in a way that perfectly matched the brand’s identity while also including a gold foil to portray the high end, luxury feel. Each element came together seamlessly to create a cohesive brand that perfectly represents the elegance and sophistication of Serena Organics.

The full Serena Organics products lined up next to each other
A laptop showing the products page of the new Serena Organics website

From plant to pixel

PWF Studio created a high-end website for Serena Organics, infusing dark tones to establish a consistent theme across print and digital media. Our expertise in e-commerce design brought Serena Organics’ luxury CBD products to the forefront, elevating their online presence.

A laptop showing the science page of the new Serena Organics website

WEBSITE design and build

We incorporated SEO techniques to ensure maximum visibility for Serena Organics in the online market. The website was thoughtfully designed to foster a sense of community among Serena’s target market. By seamlessly integrating social platforms and interactive features, PWF Studio created a virtual hub where CBD enthusiasts could connect and engage with like-minded individuals.

Built with responsiveness in mind

Our team crafted a visually captivating and user-friendly website that truly embodies the essence of Serena Organics. With our expertise, we ensured that the website remains fully responsive across all devices, allowing customers to conveniently browse and purchase their favourite CBD products on the go.

a mobile showing the mobile version of the Serena Organics website and the fact the site was built to be responsive
A collection of different social assets we created for Serena Organics

Bespoke Social Asset Designs

PWF Studio, crafted an extensive range of captivating social assets for Serena Organics. The brand’s social media presence was enhanced through an array of dynamic designs, including single grid posts, eye-catching carousels, engaging animated posts, captivating stories, and enticing reels. With utmost dedication, PWF Studio ensured a seamless brand continuity across all assets, reinforcing the brand’s image and fostering trust among its loyal followers. The meticulously crafted designs successfully promoted the brand’s unique offerings, leaving a lasting impression on end users and solidifying its position as a leader in the luxury CBD industry.

An image carousel we designed for Serena Organics
PWF Studio extended the campaign’s reach by crafted eye-catching social media assets, such as team line-ups and man-of-the-match cards, to engage fans and create a consistent digital presence.
A mockup of an exhibition stand we designed for Serena Organics

large format exhibition stands that stand out

At PWF Studio, our talented team specialises in crafting fully bespoke large format exhibition stands that leave a lasting impact on your target audience.

Our recent collaboration with Serena Organics showcases how our innovative design approach can elevate your brand’s presence at trade shows and exhibitions.

Combining elegant aesthetics with functional elements, we meticulously designed a stand that flawlessly represented Serena Organics’ commitment to organic and sustainable products. From conceptualisation to execution, our team ensured every aspect reflected the brand’s essence, resulting in an eye-catching display that effectively captivated visitors and generated a buzz.

The finished exhibition stand in-situ at the first event
The founders of Serena Organics greeting potential customers in front of the finished exhibition stand

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