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Welcome to PWF Studio, a leading full service design agency based in the beautiful midlands of the United Kingdom.

With our exceptional creativity and expertise, we work tirelessly to bring your brand vision to life. Serving clients both nationally and globally, we offer a range of design services that cater to your every need. Whether you require stunning website design, captivating graphic design, or expert animation, we have you covered.
So why PWF Studio? Well our business is to make your impossible possible. We do this by taking the problems you’re facing in business, and turn them into creative solutions. Creative solutions that will cut through the noise of your competitors, make you stand out for all the right reasons, and have a direct positive impact on your Return on Investment.

PWF Studio doesn’t shy away from the unknown, in fact we actually embrace it – And that’s how we can take you and your business to new heights.

With our expertise in Graphic Design, Marketing, Animation, Website Design and Build, Design for Print, and Large Format, we pride ourselves in the ability to make ideas fly.

So if you want to alleviate the problems from your business and reach new heights, PWF Studio is the creative partner for you.

  • Showing the Founder of PWF Studio
  • A beer can design created by PWF Studio. The Beer is called The Swilling Swine and can be purchased through PWF Studio
  • The founder of PWF Studio taking part in a client marketing meeting
  • various graphic design and marketing books on a shelf
  • The founder of PWF Studio wearing a branded hoodie
  • A pop vinyl of He-Man which features in the PWF Studio office
  • The founder of PWF Studio taking part in a client marketing meeting
  • A quirky plant pot which features in the PWF Studio office
  • The founder of PWF Studio taking part in a client marketing meeting

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Brand Creation

We have one rule when approaching any brand build – start from scratch. We begin by deeply understanding your business – its story, values, and aspirations – laying down the groundwork for a distinctive brand strategy.

We team up with our clients to capture their essence, giving them a unique voice that stands out. We’re committed for the long haul, from research and workshops to brand strategy and implementation. We’re with our clients every step of the way, helping them own their brand identities for the future.

Brands are stories waiting to be told, and we’re the storytellers. Through compelling narratives and design, we make your brand memorable. From compelling websites engineered by our web experts to tangible print materials – we cover it all.

graphic design

We’re dedicated to creating captivating designs that not only catch the eye but also communicate your brand’s essence effectively. Our high-quality graphic design services cover a spectrum of needs, from brochures to marketing materials, all tailored to elevate your brand presence.

We’re sticklers for detail. From colour palettes to typography, every element is meticulously chosen to convey the right emotions and leave a lasting impact. It’s all about creating designs that not only look great but also communicate effectively.

Blending creativity with precision, we excel in transforming content-rich materials into visually stunning presentations that captivate. Whether it’s a brochure, magazine, catalogue, report, or prospectus. We bring content heavy documents to life – from maps and graphs to charts, infographics, icons, and illustrations – all seamlessly integrated to amplify your brand’s visual narrative.

Quality is our cornerstone. We pay meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring that the final design is polished and impactful. Whether it’s a business card or a digital banner, every element is fine-tuned for maximum effect.


Animations are more than just visuals; they’re powerful sales tools. The dynamic nature of animation captures attention and keeps your audience engaged, effectively conveying your value proposition.

Our animation service is designed to add a dynamic dimension to your narratives, making them engaging, memorable, and impactful. Whether you’re looking to explain intricate concepts, introduce products, or simply captivate your audience, our bespoke animation solutions are tailored to amplify your brand’s voice.

At PWF Studio, we don’t just create animations – we craft experiences that resonate. Every animation we produce is fully bespoke, meticulously tailored to your unique brand identity and story. Whether you envision character-based animations that add personality and relatability to your messaging, or infographics that simplify complex ideas into visually compelling sequences, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Whether you’re presenting at a business meeting or sharing content online, our bespoke animations act as persuasive storytellers, guiding your audience towards understanding and taking action.



With a deep understanding that no two businesses are the same, our marketing approach is all about customisation. Whether it’s introducing a new product or promoting a service offering, our strategies are designed to fit your unique needs like a glove.

At PWF Studio, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our marketing strategies are tailor-made to align with your goals, target audience, and brand identity. We delve into the heart of your business to craft strategies that resonate and drive results.

Marketing is more than just spreading the word – it’s about sparking connections. Whether you’re launching a product or showcasing a service, we start by understanding your offering inside out. We then design a comprehensive strategy comprising of multiple marketing assets, positioning, messaging and channel selection.

Successful marketing is about continuous improvement. We monitor the performance of our strategies and analyse the data to refine our approach. This ever-changing process ensures that your marketing efforts are consistently optimised for maximum impact.

Website design

We start from scratch to create websites that not only catch the eye but also captivate your audience. Our approach is all about linking aesthetics with user experience, ensuring that every click is a seamless journey that keeps your visitors engaged.

A good looking website is just the beginning. We go beyond aesthetics and put user experience in the spotlight. From easy navigation to intuitive layouts, we ensure that your website isn’t just visited – it’s explored.

Once the design is perfected, we bring it to life with our website build expertise. Our developers work their magic to ensure that the website functions seamlessly across devices and browsers. We don’t just stop there; we optimise for speed, responsiveness, and compatibility to provide a flawless user experience.

Once completed, we believe in giving you the reins. Every website build includes a content management system (CMS) that allows you to update and modify content at your convenience. It’s your website after all, and we empower you to maintain it with ease. Whether you’re adding new products, updating services, or sharing fresh content, the control is in your hands (however if you need assistance, we’re always here to help).

Large Format

at PWF Studio, size doesn’t just matter – it speaks volumes. Our Large Format Design service is all about creating visuals that demand attention, whether it’s window graphics enticing potential tenants, eye-catching signage for sales promotions, or bespoke exhibition stands that steal the show.

When it comes to large spaces, you need designs that match the scale. Our approach begins with a deep understanding of your objectives. Whether you’re aiming to showcase a property, promote a limited-time offer, or stand out at a trade show, we tailor our designs to convey your message effectively to a larger audience.

Trade shows are bustling arenas, and we’re here to ensure you’re the talk of the town. Our bespoke exhibition stands are designed to be show-stoppers. We create spaces that not only showcase your offerings but also create an experience that lingers in the minds of attendees long after the event.

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