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Box Property


BOX Property are a national niche property practice based in the East Midlands Specialising in the Retail and Leisure Market.

Providing clear and honest advice to help investors, developers, and landlords find inspiring and engaging spaces.

What We’ve Done

Box Property approached PWF Studio, a full-service design agency, with the objective of establishing a strong and memorable identity for their business. With a vision to become a prominent property practice in the Midlands and beyond, Box Property recognised the importance of a cohesive brand, a captivating website, and impactful advertising material. PWF Studio, armed with their vast expertise in design and branding, embarked on a journey to create a distinctive and compelling identity for Box Property. Leveraging their creativity and innovative approach, PWF Studio successfully developed a brand that truly represents Box Property’s values, aspirations, and unique selling points.

A flat graphic showcasing the Box Property logo identity on a green background
A flat graphic showcasing the Box Property logo identity on a peach background

PWF Studio’s Brand Transformation for Box Property

We delved deep into the essence of Box Property’s aspirations by drawing inspiration from the word ‘box’ itself. By extracting the three letters and transforming their perspective, we formed a stunning three-dimensional cube. This captivating logo mark became the cornerstone of their brand identity, capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression.

The Box Property logo overlaid on a Iconic Nottingham landmark which is where Box Property are located
The Box Property logo overlaid on a Iconic Nottingham landmark which is where Box Property are located

crafting a comprehensive brand identity

With the logo mark as our compass, we crafted a comprehensive brand identity system for Box Property. This system allowed the logo mark to seamlessly integrate with various collateral, including stationery, marketing materials, and digital assets. The three-dimensional cube served as a versatile emblem, representing their ‘out of the box thinking’ approach and becoming instantly recognisable to their target audience.

Box Property experienced an unprecedented surge in brand recognition and market visibility. The logo mark became synonymous with their business, symbolising their commitment to innovation and professionalism. The cohesive brand identity we developed positioned Box Property as a leader in the commercial property industry, attracting new clients and forging stronger connections with existing ones.

An insight into how the Box Property typography within the identity was created
The isolated Box Property icon sitting on various coloured backgrounds
A mock-up showing the design of the Box Property business cards

Strikingly Crafted Stationery Suite

The contours and visual elements derived from their brand identity were artfully incorporated to create a bespoke brand element. This element not only added a unique touch but also served as a powerful design tool that effectively organised information and created a visually striking hierarchy.

The beautifully crafted brand pack showcased their identity cohesively across various materials, including business cards, letterheads, envelopes, and more. The strategic use of contours and brand elements created a strong aesthetic that visually engaged users and guided their focus to key information. The content hierarchy system not only enhanced the overall design but also improved the user experience and reinforced Box Property’s professionalism and attention to detail.

A mock-up showing the full Box Property stationary design and how it all compliments each other
A laptop showcasing the Box Property website design which included a property finder feature

Digital Rebels Unleashed

Once the identity and stationery were created, we then went on to create a fully bespoke website design and build for Box Property. The platform not only showcased their rebel spirit but also provided an intuitive property search feature, allowing users to find commercial properties effortlessly based on location, sector, and size.

We designed and developed a website that would push boundaries and amplify Box Property’s brand essence. We meticulously crafted a rebellious visual language that blended striking design elements with a user-friendly interface.

A laptop showcasing the Box Property website design home page
A laptop showcasing the Box Property website design which included a grid feature

Captivating Online Presence

This allowed us to create an immersive digital experience that truly resonated with Box Property’s target audience, setting them apart from the mundane.

Our team meticulously integrated the rebellious brand identity into every aspect of the website. From edgy colour schemes and bold typography to dynamic animations – These design choices captured Box Property’s unique personality and set them apart from the competition. By optimising the website for responsive design, we ensured a seamless user experience on all devices, empowering Box Property to connect with their audience anytime, anywhere.

A phone and laptop screen showing how we also created an app which linked through to the main Box Property website
The Box Property To Let board which we designed showcased within Nottingham

letting boards that are impossible to ignore

Our creative team crafted letting board designs that seamlessly blended aesthetics and functionality.

Bold and attention-grabbing colours were strategically employed to make the boards pop and stand out amidst the urban landscape.

we successfully elevated Box Property’s visibility, enhanced their brand image, and drove valuable leads. These letting boards became powerful tools for attracting potential clients and showcasing the unique offerings of each property.

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